Before writing your articles, please, review carefully the requirements. Organizing Committee will not accept articles, written in improper manner.

Application form is filled only on the site. Files with articles and figures (if they are) are also should be applied there.

Requirements for articles:

  • The topicality, newness and essence of the work should be clearly presented in the article;
  • Working languages- Ukrainian, English, Russian;
  • Article presented for publication should be of 1 A4 size pages in length; if oitne has a number of drawings, graphs, charts, formulas and tables, it is allowed up to 2 printed pages;
  • Font – Times New Roman, at 12 point size, of one spacing;
  • Margin: top – 25 mm, bottom – 30 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 15 mm;
  • UDC should be in the upper left corner;
  • The title of the work should be in one interval after UDC ;
  • Bold initials and surname of the author(s) are given in one interval after the title; in the next line should be given the organization name of the author, its postal and email addresses
    with a red line through 1 interval bold initials and surname of the author (s), with the next line is the name of the organization the author, her postal and email address;
  • Bibliography is only given after the text of the article in order of appearance in the text;
  • The article should be in the format *.doc (Ms Word);
  • Figures, graphs and diagrams should be inserted into the document in the form of graphic objects and applied separately in the format *jpg. If you have more than one picture, you should create a file in the format *.rar;
  • Formulas should be made with MathType Equation;
  • The name of the file (*.rtf, *.jpg, *.rar) should be the name of the first author, written in LatinYou can download example.